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Are you a hostage to your past? Motherhood has a way of shaking up all the junk we have buried deep within us, often by surprise. If motherhood has left you feeling guilt, shame, or completely lacking confidence don't give up. God is for you, and so am I.  

This is a shaky, ever wavering, season. This is why we need to be rooted in the one unshakeable God and his word.
What does this look like in your every day reality?
Find encouragement here to grow
in the Word, implement fun kids bible activities, and
enneagram coaching tips. I utilize the enneagram from a Gospel perspective for one on one coaching. Give yourself space to heal, so your home and generations to come break chains and be changed. Biblical healing has eternal overflow.

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Are You A Hostage To Your Past?

"I cannot believe I yelled at my kids...again!"

"I want to trust God, but everyone I've trusted hurt me."

"Who am I, outside of changing diapers?"

"I'm just so tired."

" I don't even know what a healthy relationship looks like, how do I show my children?"

"I love my kids, but I feel so alone as a Mom."

"I need to be in control, you don't understand my past."

Motherhood can trigger deep-seeded insecurities, and generational chains that come out in ways we never anticipated or desired as a Mom, that overflow onto our family. No Mom ever intends for it. It turns out keeping little humans alive is hard! Nevertheless the pinterest picture, instagram worthy Mom pops in your head, but as you start the day it all falls apart. You compare, and your joy is stolen. But what if all those comparisons are not actually what you or God wants for you? Just what you think you should have or be like.

Sometimes it takes an air lift just to pull us out of the chaos, and see underneath and all. So we normally don't and can't. 

God takes the back seat while we try so hard to control the little we can, but somehow it all just gets more out of control.

It's Okay!

Take a moment right now Mama and breath!

Now pull up your girdle girl and strap on your armor, you were made for this. Hand crafted, designed, and chosen for this. 

 This all sounds great in theory but where do I start? 

Let's start with a chat. I know when you're surrounded by littles how very little adult or logical conversations there can be. We will start just by you fleshing out some of your fears, or ongoing struggles you want to be free from. I will hold you accountable through biblical reading, not with a rod and homework, but to cultivate a genuine longing for God and who he is, so you can see who HE says you are. 

Through biblical coaching and encouragement find freedom to break these chains, and change the course of your family. Own your story, don’t let it own you. Release shame, guilt, and lies when you lose the identity God never intended for you. 

Let's Chat!

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