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Book Recommendations

Becoming MomStrong: by Heidi St. John


Becoming MomStrong is a truth filled book for moms filled with raw, vulnerable stories of Heidi learning as a once homeschooling mom of seven how to rear her children according to biblical truth. She gives practical help to lead and example a Godly life for today's culture worn moms. When so many voices tell us a million different ways of right and wrong, she guides us back to the Bible, the  only place we can find the answers in. If you love this read check out Heidi's podcast, and MomStrong International's Monthly Bible Studies online

Walk It Out: by Tricia Goyer


Walk It Out encourages us to not just read the Bible, but to live it out everyday. Tricia reminds us with her powerful stories of obedience, it's one yes at a time.  Even in the mundane to stay in tune to God's calling in our home, community, and world. Each chapter ends with practical tips such as creating white space that does more than encourage, but puts tools in your belt to Walk It Out with God, reminding us God uses the available and willing. 

Kisses From Katie: Katie Davis Majors


Kisses from Katie is a powerful story of saying yes to God, even when you don't understand or when the world thinks you are crazy. Katie tells the story of how a mission trip before high school graduation led her just a short time after to become an adoptive mother of 13 girls in Uganda. Her personal journals throughout her journey scattered in this book shows how God met her in all the scary, and unknown places, and continued to redeem her obedience. This book will stir your soul and remind you just how little we are in this big world, but that one small act can make a difference.

Essentialism: by Greg McKeown


Essentialism is for anyone who wants to be purposeful with their time, and to keep what is most important at the top. It gives a clear vision of when, why, and the confidence to say no to what isn't essential for the life you are trying to live. Doing less is powerful, when you know the why's behind what you put your energy into. In today's fast paced, hustle your way world, this is a must read!

Holy Hustle: by Crystal Stine


A perfect follow up after Essentialism! I don't know why more women have not read this book. With the pressures to do it all, and be great at it all Crystal's book was EXACTLY what I needed to be reminded our grind should not take over God and rest. I felt as if she was in my head unfolding the everyday struggle as a mom to be 'balanced' and excellent making sure everyone and everything has enough of me. But we work, work, work, and then crash crash, crash. This is what is missing today for women! We need to know as she says, "There is worth in our work, when we work to make his name great."

Knowing God: by J.I. Packer


Where do I even begin? I would recommend everyone to read this book. As an adult new believer I felt so behind and wanted to understand more about the Bible. But this led me to knowing more about God rather personally knowing my Jesus. This is exactly what J.I. Packer addresses in his book. He takes us into a deep understanding of who God really is and his character versus who we have created God to be. Take your time with this read, to fully absorb its richness.